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Jamie Shadlow Civil Marriage Celebrant

My aim is to provide you with a wedding ceremony that is modern, fresh and vibrant while still capturing the elegance and beauty of a traditional wedding.

Life is full of landmark moments, our birth, our first day at school, our movement into adulthood, our first love and our union with another. Marking these moments with ceremony is a reflection of our unique humanity. Sharing and acknowledging great milestones with our friends, family and community cements these occasions in our hearts and minds giving us great support and memories.

Fortunately in Australia we are provided with wonderful options for our celebrations and there are so many styles of weddings to choose from.

The most common format people know, is the traditional style, where the bride is walked down the aisle to her groom. An exchange of rings and vows occur, then after the necessary certificates are signed, the newly married couple are presented to waiting friends and family. Within this style there are a great variety of vows, ring exchange words and readings to choose from so that each ceremony becomes unique to that couple. Inclusions of other symbols, such as candle lighting or butterfly releases give added dimensions to the moment.

Besides the traditional wedding ceremonies there are tea ceremonies, flower ceremonies, balloon and sharing of wine ceremonies. Ring warming has become very popular for inclusion of the parents.

The Celtic hand fasting ceremony can be used to provide unique Celtic elements to a marriage ceremony. Elements of nature, Celtic love knots, loving cups, medieval cake, jumping the broom and pebble tossing are some of the medieval traditions used to enhance this beautiful and complex ceremony.

Or you may like to include a rose ceremony. In these days of combined families this can also be a great way to involve the children as they each place a flower into the vase to symbolise their presence in the family.

Sand or salt ceremonies. Another symbolic ritual, sand or salt is poured from two separate containers into a single vessel. Each container represents the individual entering into the union as represented by the new container. The sand can never be separated again into the individual containers as the couple can not go back to their lives as they were before the union.

Multicultural familes provide many wonderful and colourful ways to create amazing weddings. A great way to combine new families from different cultures is to bring their traditions together at the wedding. Introducing elements such as clothing, special wording, or symbols from the bride and grooms culture can enrich and enliven the ceremony.

These are just some of the many ways symbols and culture can be used to create unique ceremonies .. the variations are limited only by your imagination.

Jamie Shadlow Civil Marriage Celebrant